Privacy Policy

We do not store any personally identifiable information (PII). We do not store any payment data. It is handled by PayPal entirely on their servers.

If you share a haiku with your friend's email address through our platform, we will NEVER save those email addresses for marketing. Our list is opt-in only.

We do everything we can to protect the limited data that we might have about you (like name and email address). We use the best third-party hosting providers in the world.

If you provide your email address as part of a payment, we might email you seasonally to remind you to send something nice to friends and family. You can unsubscribe with one click. We would never send an email that we think would annoy you. We are a mostly good faith actor, but we do need help paying the bills.

We use cookies for security purposes only.

We run ads on our site to pay the bills. Our ad partners use cookies (we do not know what the scope of their use is, as that is above our pay grade).

Terms Of Service

Just be cool. Please use our platform to make the world a happier place. Try to make someone smile.

If you act like a d**k, you'll be treated like a d**k.

As such, if you post lame stuff on our platform that bums people out, we reserve the right to remove it. We will always refund any payments associated with removed content, without exception. That being said, we LOVE mischief and we are strong supporters of free speech. If you like to troll, but you're also clever and funny, we're in your corner to start. If you use foul language, we are here to support you (we're also trying to quit). HOWEVER, if you're a toxic f****r and you push too far, we will remove your content. Thanks for understanding, now go have fun and try to make someone smile!